2023 State of Goal Setting Report

What does clear goal setting and management frameworks and outcomes have to do with business success and employee experience (EX)? If you trust the findings of Forrester Consulting in this definitive 2023 report commissioned by @Microsoft, a lot. Get your free copy.

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Will AI Fix Work?

AI is poised to create whole new ways of working. How can you use AI to fix work at your organization? Findings from the @Microsoft Work Trends Index Annual Report points to 3 insights you need to adopt AI in a timely, responsible way.

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Introducing Microsoft Security Copilot

Welcome to a new era of security where human ingenuity is deployed where it matters most. Discover how Microsoft Security Copilot helps you uncover, investigate and respond to threats, then summarize your work in minutes. Watch this demo video to see Security Copilot in action — augmenting the creativity and knowledge of your security team at AI speed and scale.

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3 Reasons to Shift to Integrated Threat Protection

Integrated threat protection can reduce response times to threats and save your company from costly cyber-attacks.

Microsoft’s SIEM with XDR can provide your organization with a complete threat protection platform.

Read this whitepaper from @Microsoft Security.

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