Is a Return to Office a Return to Creativity?

Employees need to work together in the same office environment to generate the teamwork and creativity your organization needs to be productive. How does that statement square with your experience using hybrid workspaces? Download this @Microsoft analyst report showing that sparking creativity is more than just having teams in the same physical space, and that hybrid workspaces can lead to fonts of creativity.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams

Consolidating collaboration technologies onto a single platform is an effective way to reduce costs and drive better outcomes. Take it from Forrester — download your complimentary copy of the report, “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams.”

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Unlocking the power of collaboration

How can you remove barriers between locations and people in a hybrid work world? Repost to exchange ideas. Get more from this eBook showing how @Microsoft Teams Rooms helps meeting participants feel more empowered to make meaningful contributions.

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