What best practices should you follow when creating a #hybridwork environment? Share your thoughts and get in touch to discuss how the team at Cutec can help you embrace hybrid work best practices. #microsoft

What best practices should you follow when developing hybrid work models? Learn how your company can optimize this new, flexible work environment while enabling employees to be even more creative, productive and innovative. Connect with the hybrid work team at Cutec to share your thoughts and discuss how you can implement hybrid work best practices with our @Microsoft offerings.

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Microsoft Cloud For Retail

Start delivering truly memorable customer experiences. How can data analytics and in-store technology help you nurture more engaged shoppers with stronger lifetime value? Watch the video and get in touch for a one-on-walk through from a Cutec @Microsoft Cloud for Retail expert.

#MSCloudforRetail #RetailCloud #retail

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Secure Access for a Connected World

What more could your business do with trust a part of every digital experience and interaction? Comment to share your ideas. Meet the @Microsoft Entra product family for a clear vision of what secure access should look like in our hyperconnected world.

#MicrosoftEntra #DigitalIdentity

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Meeting Request

Are you looking for a new level of data agility in these transformative times? Let us share with you our thoughts on @Microsoft #Azure Arc and how we can support your hybrid infrastructure.

Give a thumbs up to book a meeting today with the experts at Cutec.


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Solano County Leans into Digital-First Government

Solano County, CA is modernizing with @Microsoft to invest in innovation and digital-first government. What’s in it for citizens and employees? Enhanced public services and creative collaboration are just for starters. Get the story to discover what else is possible with a secure hybrid workplace grounded by @Microsoft 365, @Azure Virtual Desktop and Teams.


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Suffolk Builds Efficiency into Data Access with Microsoft Teams to Save Time and Money

With the construction sector shifting to cloud and big data, how do companies keep pace? At Suffolk, employees use software tools from the @Microsoft 365 cloud productivity suite that are just as useful in the head office as on the jobsite. Get the story. How can Cutec help your business benefit from cloud productivity tools like @Microsoft Teams for virtual collaboration? Get in touch to discuss.

#Microsoft 365
#Microsoft Teams

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Retailers are Partnering with Microsoft to Connect Customers, People & Data

Consumers have come to expect personalized experiences at every touchpoint and the only way to deliver this is through analytics-powered insights. Microsoft Cloud for Retail enables retailers to transform the customer experience by unlocking and making actionable these valuable consumer insights.

Get in touch for in-depth consultation from a Cutec @Microsoft expert.

#MicrosoftCloud #Retail

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What does #hybridwork look like for your business? How do you enable employees working at home, the office and elsewhere? Retweet to get the conversation going. Follow Cutec for updates on how we enable hybrid work.

Hybrid work is here to stay. What does it look like for your business? How do you support employees working from home, the office and everywhere in between? Share your tips and follow us for updates on how Cutec’s helps customers enable hybrid work.

#HybridWork #RemoteWork

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