Will AI Fix Work?

AI is transforming the way we do business. Read this article on AI-influenced work trends and insights from the @Microsoft’s Work Trends Index Annual Report. 👇

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Azure Virtual Desktop Essentials: Intro and Full Tour

Need an efficient, flexible approach to desktop virtualization that keeps you in control? Have 7-½ minutes? Watch this video for a tour of Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft’ answer to cloud VDI, it delivers centralized security, management and scalability — all built it.

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Fuel Application Innovation with AI Cloud Services

Unlock the true potential of your applications with AI in the cloud. Download the Microsoft-commissioned Forrester report highlighting 5 use cases for transforming your business and fueling innovation. See how fast you can realize value and gain a competitive edge.

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ElliQ by Intuition Robotics gains an extra layer of empathy with Azure Text to Speech

Older adults are living happier, healthier and more connected lives thanks to Intuition Robotics and Microsoft Azure text-to-speech technology. How can Azure AI help your company make a difference? Learn from the experience of Intuition Robotics, a forward-looking company that’s bringing empathy to AI-powered elder companions with cutting-edge Azure text-to-speech technology. Get the story and get inspired!


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What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Discover how Azure Virtual Desktop revolutionizes workflows by optimizing cloud-based desktops and applications. This @Microsoft Learn blog post provides a brief tutorial. Take a quick walkthrough 🏃 and watch the video.

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10 ways generative AI is transforming businesses

Ready to harness the potential of AI? Read this Microsoft blog, “Azure OpenAI Service: 10 Ways Generative AI is Transforming Businesses.” A must-read, the post dives into how AI is revolutionizing industries with personalized marketing, chatbots and virtual assistants, product and service innovation, and cybersecurity. Read on to learn how you can tap into these game-changing innovations in your business.

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