The Business Value of Migrating and Modernizing to Microsoft Azure

How can migrating to Microsoft Azure help your company build business value? Get ideas 💡 from the Executive Summary of the IDC report, “The Business Value of Migrating and Modernizing to Microsoft Azure.” Download your complimentary copy and unlock the secrets to reducing costs, automating IT, driving innovation, enhancing security and growing revenue. @Microsoft Azure

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What is Microsoft 365 for Business?

How to run your business in the cloud and get work done more efficiently with @Microsoft 365 for Business. Watch this short video for an overview of productivity apps, business-class communication tools and cloud storage.

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Move your desktops to the cloud with Citrix and Microsoft Azure

Transitioning your Citrix Virtual Desktops to Azure couldn’t be any easier or more cost-effective than what you’ll see in this video. Watch for insight on how together, @Microsoft Azure and @Citrix enable #hybrid multi-cloud to give Citrix Virtual Desktop users broad support for resources on-prem and in Azure with a streamlined management interface.

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