Forrester TEI Report — The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams Calling Solutions

Microsoft Teams Calling solutions can boost collaboration and productivity, lower total cost of ownership and improve business outcomes. What is the potential return on investment for your enterprise or SMB? Forrester highlights results in this Total Economic Impact study. A Microsoft 365 provider, Cutec can help your organization benefit from increased collaboration and productivity. Get in touch when you’re ready.

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What’s not to celebrate when @Forrester reports SMBs & enterprise customers gain a 150% ROI with @MicrosoftTeams? Help us share the excitement and visit regularly for updates from Cutec on our @Microsoft offerings.

Forrester reports SMBs and enterprise Microsoft customers turn a 150% ROI with Teams. What would your company do with the savings? Consider sharing your ideas in the comments and visit regularly for updates from Cutec on our Microsoft offerings.

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Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Migration Overview

Modernizing on-prem solutions is top-of-mind for many Microsoft customers. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration Program, you can simplify the journey. Watch this video for a look at how you can use cutting-edge technology to cut costs, reduce complexity and improve IT productivity. Let us know if you’d like to discuss next steps with an expert from Cutec.

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Cybersecurity Audit

How can Cutec help your company address its security vulnerability concerns and mitigate risks? Getting a detailed assessment from the cybersecurity experts at Cutec can help you identify and address networks, applications, processes, and software vulnerabilities. Contact us to schedule a free cybersecurity audit.

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How to Use Virtual Desktops on Windows 10

Windows 10 offers tools to help employees manage different parts of work and life. What kinds of tools? This video shows how Virtual Desktops on Windows 10 lets employees use the same computer for everything and keep different parts of life on separate desktops. Comment below to share some of the best tools you have used in the past.

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