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We provide fully managed IT Support for small to medium-sized businesses and organisations throughout Plymouth, Devon and the South West.

Cutec was founded in 1999 by Mark Rowland and Kristian Callaghan.

Together they wanted to create a company that would manage all aspects of a clients IT requirements, taking away the stress and worry this can entail to leave business owners to get on with other aspects of running their company.

We would strive to be a company who communicates in plain English and not technical IT language. We would also be a company that would be a trusted IT partner for clients who is knowledgeable, reliable, friendly, personal and importantly cost-effective.

Over 20 years later, both Mark and Kris are still at the helm, and the company values have not changed! We now have a fantastic team of dedicated staff who help our clients large and small get the most out of their IT system and investments. We have over 20 years experience helping local and national companies have hassle free IT, but most importantly, we still offer that personal level of service where you are a name and not just an account number.

Every business, whether large or small, has to make the maximum use of resources, to control costs and promote activity. Cutec complements this with specially designed services to help clients streamline their operations, making them more efficient by providing:

In an ideal world, every company would be able to afford to have an individual or in-house IT team. The cost, however, is prohibitive, and the workload would not justify such an expenditure. Cutec however, can offer this solution on an outsourced basis at a simple, great value, monthly cost.

We would be delighted to talk over your IT requirements and how Cutec can help you.

As a company:

Our staff are:

Security Accreditations & GDPR:

Cutec is committed to client security and data protection which is why we take information security seriously. We have achieved Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME GOLD accreditation and the GDPR standards assessment.

IASME Gold from the IASME Consortium is deemed in the industry as being the equivalent to the more commonly known ISO 27001. Please click here if you would like to see how the two accreditation’s compare. Cutec selected the IASME Gold accreditation as we felt this was more attainable for a smaller companies but carried the same level of security and protection for us and our clients.

Developed as part of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, the ‘Cyber Essentials’ scheme identifies technical security controls to help defend against internet-borne threats.

The accreditation aims to provide protection based on 5 key controls:

  1. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways – Secure firewalls and secure remote access
  2. Secure configuration – Best-practice and secure configuration of technologies we use
  3. Access control – Ensuring those that have access, only have it where appropriate
  4. Malware protection – Ensuring malware protection is installed and is up to date
  5. Patch management – Patches are applied not only to endpoints in good time, but network and infrastructure too

Accreditation can be achieved by identifying the scope and by responding to a Cyber Essentials questionnaire which Cutec has done and then being independently audited by a security consultant.

With Cyber Essentials Plus and the IASME GOLD accreditation, Cutec have shown the dedication and commitment to protecting our own data as well as our clients.

We are also delighted to achieve the GDPR standards assessment, which means we have reviewed our internal procedures and practices on how we deal with information and sensitive data. We have upgraded and made changes where necessary and then submitted these for assessment by IASME to ensure we are GDPR compliant. Cutec is pleased to meet all the GDPR regulations and feel this is important for the protection of our clients and staff data.

Cutec and the enviroment

Saving the planet is no small task, but we can all make small changes to help. At Cutec, we have constantly been making changes to reduce our impact on the environment and continue to do so.

Electric Vehicles

We are very proud to have started our journey of converting our fleet to Zero-Emission electric vehicles. Our newest vehicles are cleaner, and when being charged our impact on the environment is further reduced with the help of our Solar Panel system.

Solar Panel

Solar Power & LED Lighting:

Our offices at Darklake Park are equiped with a Solar Panel system on the roof. This helps create the power we need to run our offices and IT systems.

Zero to Landfill

General Waste

In partnership with Devon Contract Waste, we are pleased to be Zero to Landfill Heroes for all our business waste and recycling.


WEEE Waste

We are also delighted to partner with and support Collectrical CIC to help dispose and recycle WEEE waste from our clients.