What is Microsoft 365 for Business?

How to run your business in the cloud and get work done more efficiently with @Microsoft 365 for Business. Watch this short video for an overview of productivity apps, business-class communication tools and cloud storage.

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Security is only as good as your threat intelligence

🔒 Where’s the link between security and threat intelligence? Get answers from the Microsoft Security blog, “Security is Only as Good as Your Threat Intelligence.” Read it here for insight on proactive threat detection, security tools and threat intelligence strategy.

@Microsoft Security

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Migration Guide: VMware Horizon Cloud and Azure Virtual Desktop

If you’re planning a virtual desktop deployment or migration, consider #Azure Virtual Desktop with @VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure.

Cutec invites you to read about the benefits and steps involved by downloading this migration guide. 👉

Comment if you’d like to hear from us about pricing and implementation.


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Strabag SE builds a risk management solution to improve efficiency using Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Global construction leader, Strabag SE, embraced the power of Microsoft Azure to revolutionize their operations, boosting efficiency and enhancing scalability!

Their AI-based risk management solution has accurately predicted potential project failures with an impressive 80% accuracy using only 3 months of data, allowing Strabag to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs globally. Read the customer story to see how they are shaping the future of construction with data-driven strategies! 🚀

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