Copilot for Microsoft 365: Work On

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is rocking the workaday world. Watch this eye-catching rap-style video for a quick look at the many ways Copilot empowers you to work on – faster, smarter, and better. Ready to get down with #Copilot? DM us. @Microsoft Copilot

Simplifying cloud migration and modernization with Microsoft Azure

Don’t let the challenges and complexities of cloud migration hold you back any longer. Download this eBook and empower your employees and IT team with the actionable insights they need to navigate the complexities of cloud adoption with confidence, mitigate potential risks and overcome obstacles, and maximize the benefits of @Azure for your business. DM us when you are ready to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your operations with @Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR

Defender Experts for XDR supports your security team with 24/7 access to @Microsoft Defender Experts via live chat plus, of course Microsoft’s Defender XDR suite. Get the datasheet for more information. 👉

Migrate to Azure with Confidence

Check out this infographic to discover how Azure’s latest innovations make modernizing workloads a breeze while maintaining absolute security. For example, you can now unlock innovation with AI capabilities, enable secure remote work by deploying virtual desktops/apps quickly via Azure Virtual Desktop, and continuously assess cloud resource security with Defender for Cloud. Your Devs will love the new native .NET support in App Service & Azure Kubernetes Service for flexibility & consistency. Plus, mission-critical Windows Server & SQL Server apps can be run seamlessly in Azure. So, no more complex on-prem setups or VPN struggles. Ready to future-proof your tech stack? DM us.

Will AI Fix Work?

Do you feel like the harder you work the more behind you get? Check out this MSWTI Exec Summary for three urgent insights business leaders like you must know to quickly and responsibly adopt #AI.

Future proof — Navigating risk management with Azure OpenAI service

Risk management is a systematic and critical process designed to identify, assess, prioritize, and minimize the impact of uncertain events on an organization. How confident are you that your current risk management is capable of confronting unknown challenges? Read this blog focusing on how @Microsoft Azure OpenAI is designed to help you understand potential threats, make informed decisions and avoid or reduce risk.

Building a Foundation for AI Success: A Leader’s Guide

The best companies and organizations are figuring out how to use the emerging generative AI revolution in ways to create an optimal impact on their customers and workforce. Need to see how they do it? DM us and we’ll send you this powerful @Microsoft eBook focusing on the five most important pillars to AI success.

Fuel Application Innovation with AI Cloud Services

Are you uncertain about where and how to start implementing AI in your business? Get an insightful perspective – and lots of useful data – on the five key AI use cases in this @Microsoft report by Forrester. Download it here. 👉

With Copilot, Every Meeting is a ‘Digital Artifact’

According to @Microsoft 2023 Work Trend Index, employees see inefficient meetings as their top productivity disruptor. What have you distilled from a day full of department meetings? If you’d like to see how meetings can be transformed, look at this blog showing how Microsoft Copilot gives you the ability to unlock a new level of efficiency and awareness from the old-fashioned, time-consuming meeting.