INSPIRE Environmental uses Azure AI to improve efficiency and streamline data analysis to meet the pace of offshore wind development

Could slow data collection and analysis be affecting the quality of your data? What about your reputation among clients? Check out this customer story to learn how @Microsoft Azure AI helped INSPIRE Environmental to automate labor-intensive tasks, streamline data analysis, and focus on the quality of their data. DM us to discuss how Azure AI can improve the quality of your data and speed up turn-around times.

NSPIRE Environmental (INSPIRE), is a Venterra Group company dedicated to monitoring seafloor health. Labor-intensive data collection and analysis was impacting the quality of their data and jeopardizing their long-standing reputation for delivering timely and reliable results.

Read their story for details on how INSPIRE used Microsoft Azure AI solutions to analyze complex ocean data more quickly and efficiently, lower costs and reduce turnaround times for clients.

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