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RMM is a product that monitors and maintains your entire IT system 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you are a current Cutec support customer we already provide you with a complete technical support solution when things go wrong. We also remotely monitor and manage your network server 24 hours a day but the monitoring and management of the workstations is managed by the end-users directly. We have found that most people simply do not have time to carry out some basic tasks such as Windows Updates.

This leaves the business in a vulnerable position. Computers and laptops on the network are not secure or running at their best. We have identified this as a risk for our customers and offer a bolt-on service called RMM to take over that responsibility. Just like we do for your network server. The RMM bolt-on will extend this monitoring and maintenance to every device in your business.

Like most IT companies we do not have the manpower to manually check every device. We use the latest cloud RMM solution to automate the entire process. This means we are able to offer this bolt-on service at a very low cost per device.

Below are some of the benefits of adding RMM to your network, please contact us today to get a quote for your business.


Everyone knows how inconvenient it is when your PC fails due to a hardware fault. What’s even worse is when the hardware that has failed is linked to the hard disk and there is the potential for data loss.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your IT support company is monitoring your computers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, looking out for early signs of a fault or system failure? Thus alerting you to potential issues before they happen, saving you down time and money.

With RMM our automatic agent is running on your computers 24 hours a day. Looking out for signs that a hardware fault is imminent or some software has a fault which needs attention and then alerts us so we can contact you to correct the issue.


Constantly seeing the famous Windows Update icon in the bottom of your task bar?? Never have the time to install updates during the day so they just don’t get done??

You are not alone, a massive 80% of customers know what Windows Updates are but when asked how often they install them the answer is normally very rare or not at all as they simply do not have the time. This places the computers at a high risk of infection or attack and so compromising your entire network.

RMM provides a solution for this by automatically managing all of the Windows Updates across your entire network. We will ask you for a maintenance window and our systems will automatically install any required Windows updates and even turn the machine off when finished. This means your updates can be installed at 9pm one night during the week when everyone has gone home, eliminating disruption to your work force and any loss of work hours but securing your network.


Cyber Attacks are becoming more and more common and hackers are always trying to find new and inventive ways in to your network. When was the last time you updated software packages like Adobe Reader, Java, Flash etc on your computer to make sure they are secure??

RMM can manage this centrally, automatically and across all of your machines so that you don’t need to worry. The minute a security update is released we can deploy it within minutes to your workstations and laptops. This will also help your business conform to the Data Protection Act by taking measures to protect customer data.


How many of your staff leave their machines on at night?? Do you know how much this is costing your business??

A business with 75 computers left on overnight, every night for a year could cost the business up to £2000 extra in electricity.

RMM can deal with this issue for you. You tell us what time you want all your machines to be turned off at night and our system will shut them down automatically for you.


When was the last time your users ran a defrag on their computers, emptied their temporary internet files or carried out general housekeeping to keep the machines running at their best??

The answer will more than likely be never, due to not having the time during the working day.

RMM can automate this whole process for you!! Give us a maintenance window when the machines will be online and our system can automatically do the rest.


This is not a problem, our system uses the latest cloud technology to securely access your machine wherever they are in the world!!

RMM only requires the computers to be connected to the internet to work so it doesn’t matter if your machines are all in one office or spread over the country, our system can manage them from one central place and giving you complete control.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get a snap shot of all the IT hardware in the business and how well it performs??

RMM can provide you with scheduled reports on this, quickly and easily, on demand and when you need them.


RMM is a secure and fully-featured cloud platform enabling Cutec to remotely monitor, manage, and support endpoints, and it now also provides an extra layer of security with native Ransomware Detection. RMM Ransomware Detection monitors for the existence of crypto-ransomware on endpoints using proprietary behavioral analysis of files and alerts us when a device is infected. Once ransomware is detected, RMM can isolate the device and attempt to stop suspected ransomware processes to prevent the ransomware from spreading.



Upgrade to get all the benefits from RMM today!! Take control of your workstations and get the following benefits:

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