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As an ESET Gold Partner we offer the complete range of Anti-Virus and Endpoint Protection products.

Security Products by ESET

ESET’s cross-platform security products provide unparalleled online protection, simple deployment and convenient management without increasing IT overheads. As an ESET Gold partner Cutec is pleased to be able to:

ESET Gold Partner


Defend your network with antivirus, antispyware and antispam protection. Protect against the known and unknown: small update packets keep ESET up to date with the latest threats and our advanced heuristics are proven to detect unknown threats in-the-wild. With our cloud-powered scanning technology and powerful antispam solution, you need.


Remote Administrator included for free allows you to manage a handful or thousands of endpoints from a single system.

Reports, Logs and Notifications keep your admins in the loop.

Update Management perverse network speed and stability whilst updating and ensure a consistent level of security.

Data Access Control protects against unauthorised USD, CD

ESET Endpoint

ESET File Security (Windows)

Based on ESET’s award-winning ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET File Security offers the highest scanning speed, highest detection rate and comprehensive protection, all with the smallest system footprint around. ESET File Security protects against any and all computer threats including rootkits, worms, and viruses, as well as defending itself from attack.


ESET Shell (eShell) introduces a completely new command line interface tool. eShell allows you to automate the security management of ESET security products, easily and without hassle.

Version for “Core” Servers introduces a new lightweight version of ESET File Security optimised for mission-critical servers.

Advanced Setup Tree offers a redesigned advanced setup tree for more intuitive navigation.


ESET File Security

Antivirus Protection against any and all computer based threats.

Frugal with Resources leaving your memory and CPU power available for essential tasks.

Self Defense protects ESET security solutions from being disabled or otherwise altered by third party programs or persons.

Unique Technology in our Threatsense scanning engine which provides superior protection and comprehensive scanning.

Regular Updates keep you well informed about your company security logs, protection status information and system notifications.

Comprehensive Reports now includes NETBSD 4, FreeBSD 6, 7 and 8, Linux Kernal 2.6, SUN Solaris 10.


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