ElliQ by Intuition Robotics gains an extra layer of empathy with Azure Text to Speech

Older adults are living happier, healthier and more connected lives thanks to Intuition Robotics and Microsoft Azure text-to-speech technology. How can Azure AI help your company make a difference? Learn from the experience of Intuition Robotics, a forward-looking company that's bringing empathy to AI-powered elder companions with cutting-edge Azure text-to-speech technology. Get the story and get inspired! @Microsoft

Discover the power of voice with “Intuition Robotics: Elevating Quality of Life with Azure Text-to-Speech.” Explore how this visionary AI company transformed elder care with Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech. Learn how intuitive robot companions fueled by Azure’s lifelike synthetic voices, empowered seniors by enhancing communication and combating loneliness. By reading this inspiring customer story, gain insights into how you can harness the power of Azure’s cutting-edge technology in your own projects. Get the story and get ready to innovate. Contact us to how Cutec can help your company drive better outcomes with Azure text-to-speech applications and other AI services.

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