Alabama Appellate Courts System transforms and modernizes judicial operations with Azure.

When the Alabama Appellate Court System needed to overhaul and upgrade its outdated but still functional IT infrastructure, they called on @Microsoft to digitize justice systems and accelerate secure and transparent proceedings. By migrating many of its on-premises operations to a more secure cloud environment on Microsoft Azure, justices, employees, and 6,000 outside attorneys benefit from remote access, more efficient operations, and improved security. DM to discuss upgrading your firm’s IT infrastructure with MS Security and Azure Cloud.

Three Smart Ways to Exceed Your Customers’ Digital Expectations

Are you customer-obsessed enough to exceed your customers’ expectations? To make their life simpler? And your job easier? Download this eBook for three ways your leaders and teams, powered by Azure AI tools and services, can help your customers ✅ Make the right financial decisions ✅ Provide them with accurate and relevant information ✅ Guide them through the decision-making process ✅ Address their concerns or questions. DM us today. Start turning your customer service into a revenue-generating obsession with Azure from Microsoft.

Finance in the fast lane

Still on the fence about shifting your operations to the Microsoft Azure Cloud? Maybe this story about how @Microsoft Azure API Management future-proofed a top asset manager in Malaysia will help you make up your mind to digitize, digitize, digitize. DM us when you are ready to get off the fence, and your company into the Cloud.