4G Backup Internet

4G Backup Internet

Stay connected with a 4G Backup Internet connection. Avoid downtime to your business today with an easy, cost-effective solution.

Don't get caught out...

Your business relies on its Internet connection.

As Internet connectivity becomes more essential for your business, losing it, even for a brief period, can be a real problem. No Internet means no email, no web browsing and in many cases, no work. Every business is different, but if you rely on the Internet, hoping for the best is probably not the best plan.

Many internet service providers don’t offer an ‘SLA’ (reliability agreement/guarantee) on standard internet lines. This means in the event of an issue, you could be offline for days or, in worse case situations weeks!

Cutec is pleased to be able to offer 4G or 5G backup internet connections to provide a reliable solution!!

With the correct hardware in place, we can set up an automatic failover to your main internet connection. This means if there is a fault, you will automatically switch to the 4G/5G connection to remain online. Once the issue on the main connection is resolved, you automatically switch back.

This very cost-effective solution can be a lifeline for any size of business.

Speak to us today to find out how a 4G/5G backup internet connection can provide resilience to your business.

Our experts are here to help, why not get in touch and discuss your requirements, our team will be very happy to assist you!